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The Hong Kong Post Office Royal Arms seal, The earliest and only recorded letter from Hong Kong to Rome

This is a folded letter written on 11 September 1842 at Hong Kong and carried by HMS Calliope to Ireland. It was detained for postage at London G.P.O. since unpaid letters could not be forwarded. Following payment of 2s 3d made up of 8d ship letter postage and 1s 7d overland postage by an agent, the letter was forwarded to Rome through France via Pont de Beauvoisin. On arrival Rome charged 33 Bajocchi.

The Hong Kong Post Office Royal Arms seal was struck on letters handled by the Hong Kong Post Office from June of 1842 to end of March 1844 before the arrival of the Crown Colony standard type datestamp. I have recorded 74 Royal Arms letters in my article published in 2001 Hong Kong Philatelic Society Journal No.5, the most of the letters are to Great Britain, India and U.S.A.; the one shown here is the only recorded cover to Italy, furthermore, it is also the earliest Hong Kong letter to Italy.

Collection of Dr. Andrew Cheung FRPSL