Exhibition Results Praga 2018

Name Country Title of Exhibit Total Medal SP/FEL/GP
Filípek Zdeněk Czech Republic Silesia Orientale 91 G SP
Aksamit Pavel Czech Republic Czechoslovak Currency Reform 1953 81 V
Bouda Pavel Czech Republic Czechoslovakia: Hradčany - Postal using of the First Drawing 88 LV
Červinka Miloš Czech Republic Czechoslovakia: Development of postal services in Děčín region 91 G
Hauzr Michal Czech Republic Persecution of the Jewish Nation in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the Terezín Ghetto 87 LV
Münzberger Vladimír Czech Republic Perfins and their forerunners in Cisleithania until 1900 88 LV
Severín Peter Czech Republic Postal History of Slovakia 1850 - 1875 before - Österreichische Post in der heutigen Slowakei 1850 - 1875 97 LG SP/GPNC
Škaloud Jiří Czech Republic Czechoslovakia: Insured Letters during the Validity of the Hradčan Issue 92 G
Škaloud Jiří Czech Republic Czechoslovakia: Hradčany letter mail in the first postal rate period (Previous title: Hradcany letter mail in the period of simultaneous validity of Austro-Hungarian stamps) 90 G
Šmíd Antonín Czech Republic Prague Tubemail I 87 LV
Vaníček Vít Czech Republic Postal History of Czech Lands (from the beginning until 1867) 97 LG SP/GPNC
Černík Milan Czech Republic Restoration of Postal Operation in Czechoslovakia after WW2 87 LV
Lövei György Hungary Czechoslovak Monetery Reform 85 LV
Van Dooremalen Hans Netherlands Czechoslovakia: Postal history of Brno up to 1875 (Previous title: Czechoslovakia-Brno: Postal History) 95 LG
Máj Jozef Slovakia Letters proving post routes in Years 1850 - 1866 on the territory of present- day Slovakia 85 LV
Asklund Stig Sweden Meter Stamps of Czechoslovakia 1926 - 1939 78 LS
Zulueta Alfonso USA Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia in the Austrian Empire, 1569 - 1918 71 S
Basho Jovan Albania Albanian Postal History during Italien Occupation (1939 - 1943) 78 LS
Dashi Kozma Albania The postal history of Albania 1913 - 1943 80 V
Lind Armin Austria Money- and Value- Letters on Austria 1770 - 1947 90 G
Hanacek Gerhard Austria Ghetto Theresienstadt 1941 - 1945 (Previous title: Theresienstadt 1941 - 1945) 83 V
Heschl Gerald Austria Austria - Papal States 1815 - 1859 95 LG
Dymshits Mikhail Belarus Prepaymen without Use of Postage Stamps and Beneficial Franking of Post Offices in the USSR in 1923 - 1941 85 LV
Dymshits Mikhail Belarus Standartization of Addressing and Indexing of Postal Items of the Soviet Post (1917 - 1991) 78 LS
Wijnants Paul Belgium Stampless Maritime overweight mail in pre-UPU times (1765 - 1876) 95 LG
Bezzera Silva Ginaldo Brazil The French Postal Service from origins to 1848 90 G
Kierkegaard Asbjorn Denmark France: The Postal History of La Grande Armee 1805 - 1808 and 1812 - 1814 85 LV
Salam Hany Egypt Egypt: Maritime Mail Routes, 19th century 95 LG
Pitkänen Risto Finland Postal History of Finland prior to the UPU 95 LG
Abensur Brigitte France When the "Perforate Empire" stamps travelled outside France 90 G
Andrivor Didier France France: Mail Handling in Marseilles until 1876 85 LV
Gibot Jean-Francois France France: The 40 orange cents of the empire selection of pieces 85 LV
Magne Jean-Piere France Les Relations postales de la Russie Imperiale vers la France de 1858 a 1875 87 LV
Wiegand Manfred Germany The German Empire 1875 - 1900 90 G
Heck Peter Germany The Netherlands - Postmarks, from the first to 1813/14 93 G
Liebermann Hartmut Germany Postmarks in Bohemia and Moravia during the Post-war period after World War II 82 V
Wruck Rolf-Dieter Germany Maritime Mail Portugal- South Atlantic 1798 - 1877 (Previous title: Portugal – Maritime mail 1750-1875) 85 LV
Czirók Dénes Hungary The Development of the Mail in Hungary 1750 - 1850 93 G
Hedy Faibel Israel Hradcany - the first issue of Czechoslovakia 85 LV
Slutzki Joel Israel Palestine Rates & Routes June 1927-1948 95 LG
Tsachor  Yacov  Israel France: 1871-1878, perforated Ceres: Rates,Routes & Postmarks 95 LG
Traina Giuseppe Italy The 1 Lira stamps since the Ancient States up to the Italian Republic 83 V
Panza Marco Italy The postal rates and the free franks in the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy 1805 - 1814 85 LV
Urbonas Juozas Lithuania Lithuanian Deportes Post 85 LV
Uspuras Eugenijus Lithuania Railway post services in Lithuania 1861 - 1949 92 G FEL (Research)
Liesis Edmundas Lithuania Postal Cancels in Kaunas 81 V
Voruz Jean Monaco Swiss Postal Service Development 1862 - 1900 95 LG
Katurič Bjordaje Montenegro Bokelian Seaman letters from and to sailing vessels 1830 - 1890 0
Katurič Tomo Montenegro Occupation Montenegro and Bodda di Cattaro 1941 - 1944 0
van der Horst Hans Netherlands Service suspended during World War 2 80 V
Komnaes Tom Norway Norwegian Skilling Covers - domestic and abroad 97 LG SP/GPIC
Chabros Slawomir Poland Polish Legions 1914 - 1918 85 LV
Klosinski Andrzej Poland The post on Polish Territory during the Formation of the Borders of the 2nd Republic of Poland, 1918 - 1922 85 LV
Babochkin Alexej Russia Post Gefördezungen zwischen Deutschland und Mittelamerika (Westindien) mit deutschen Reedereien 86 LV
Ryss Igor Russia Postal History of Georgia 88 LV FEL (Research)
Solomonov Artur Russia Industry of the Russia Empire of Mailings of XIX - XX centuries 85 LV
Boricic Alexander Serbia The Postal History of Montenegro 1799 - 1916 88 LV
Alemany Luis Spain Spain: Incoming Mail from Abroad prior to UPU 95 LG
Schaefer Richard Switzerland Swiss Letter Mail during the First Federal Period 1849 - 1854 Cantonal- and Transitional Stamps, Locals and Rayon I, II and III 97 LG SP
Mellaart Alan Turkey Registered mail of the Ottoman Empire (1840 - 1923) 90 G
Tsytkov Denys Ukraine From History of Russian Steamship Mail on Black, Azov and Mediterranean Seas 1857 -1914 90 G
Chadwick Peter United Kingdom Handstruck Chargemarks of British Mails before 1840 85 LV
Dashi Kozma Albania The Military Post Offices of Italy in Albania during WW I 80 V
Kremener Mordechai Israel Postal services in Beirut Lebanon until 1918 95 LG
Schlichter Andres Jorge Argentina Mail in Punta Arenas, Magallanes, Chile 1806 - 1945 90 G
Santos Everaldo Brazil Navigation lines serving South America 97 LG SP /GPIC
Qureshi Ijaz Canada Canada/USA Steamship Mail to and from British India : 1878 - 1914 80 V
Adrian Fernandez Cuba Cuba´s Prephilatelic Postal Markings 85 LV
José Ramón Mallón Cuba Domestic Postal Service Special Deleivery in Cuba and from Cuba to United States 82 V
Maier Georg Ecuador Ecuador: Postal History of the Audience of Quito during the Real Renda de Correos (1769 - 1822) 91 G
Rosenthal Jonathan Mexico Postal History of the 1889 Mexico Medallions issue 72 S
Rosenthal Salomon Mexico The Route to the UPU: Mexico Foreign Mail issues, Their Postal History 90 G
Trondsen Eigil Norway Cunard Line: The Ships and the Transatlantic Mail 1840 - 1867, the Monopoly Years 95 LG
Pedroso Maia Júlio Portugal Crossing the Atlantic Transatlantic Mail US-France 1840 - 1874 86 LV
Sitja Jesús Spain Maritime Mail in the Pacific Coast of South-America (1819 to UPU) 88 LV
Kirke Nicholas United Kingdom Outbound Foreign Mail Cancels of New York City; their progression 1845 - 1877 97 LG SP
Ciardi Dario Uruguay Uruguray: History of Postal Services 1807 - 1900 (Previous title: Uruguay: XIX Century Service & Auxillary Marks) 88 LV
Kewriga Matthew USA Danish West Indies Foreign Mail, 1748 - UPU 96 LG
Hassler Dennis USA Gold Rush Days 1842 - 1859 82 V
Forster Jeffry Mark USA The United States 1869 Pictorial Issue Used in International Mails 95 LG
Groom Malcolm Australia Australian External Airmails to 1945 86 LV
Beston Bernard Australia Avis de Reception of Australian colonies and Commonwealth 87 LV
Chiu Sammy Canada Wei Hai Wei China 1895 - 1949 85 LV
Lu David China The International Postal Route of China (1914-1945) 85 LV
Shen Dunwu China China International Postal Routes During The Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) 85 LV
Lin Mao-Hsin Chinese Taipei The Development of China´s International Airmail 1924 to 1949 90 G
Grundmann Wilhelm Germany Mongolia - Land of Genghis Khan. Post offices and Postmarks 1878 - 1939 82 V
Chan Stephen Hong Kong Postal History of Macau during WW II 90 G
Mak Kwok Pui Hong Kong China 1937:International postal service during the first year of the Second Sino-Japanese War 85 LV
Juai Wai Chung Hong Kong People´s Letter Offices (Min Hsin Chu) of China during the Qing Dynasty Period 87 LV
Jayakar Rajan India Dead Letter Offices in India till 1947 75 LS
Ikeda Kenzaburo Japan The Development of Japanese EXPRESS DELIVERY Service in Early Period (Previous title: Prompt Delivery in Japan from Pre-adhesive Period to 1933) 92 G
Abdul Mughni Khaled Kuwait Kuwait Postal History - Indian Era 1902 - 1949 90 G
Alrais Ali Kuwait Kuwait Postal History 1878 - 1958 82 V
van Welie Gerard Louis Netherlands Destination Insulinde - Mail to the Netherlands East Indies 1788 - 1900 95 LG
Schluter Tony New Zealand New Zealand´s Postal History to 1874 (Previous title: New Zealand's Victorial Era Postal History to 1876) 88 LV
Sourour Yacoub Qatar Aden Postal History 80 V
Al Thani Hamad Saud Mohd. Qatar Qatar Postal History 80 V
Aldrees Saad Mohammed Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Postal History 1857 - 1934 83 V
Chong Siow Min Singapore The Progression of Postal Services in Singapore 1945 - 1965 86 LV
Choy Patrick Singapore Postal History of China Liberated Areas in Gold/Silver Yuan Era 90 G
Wong Chee Kong Singapore A Study of the TEC Postage Value Labels of Singapore 1983 - 2003 85 LV
Findlay James South Africa South Africa and the First World War 83 V
Pahlman Sven Sweden Dutch East Indies: Routes and Rates 1672 - 1919 (Previous title: Dutch East Indies: Routes and Rates 1672 - 1917) 92 G
Koshpasharin Satham Thailand The Chinese Mail connections in Dutch East Indies 1818 - 1941 (Previous title: Dutch East Indies - The China Connection: A Study of Overseas Chinese Postal History 1818-1947) 86 LV
Karnasuta Charnchai Thailand World War I Siamese Postal History 91 G
Ahmad bin Eisa Al Serkal UAE A Postal History of Airmail from Iraq 1919 - 1945 90 G
Chatterjee Subhanku USA The Royal Blue - A Study of the Half Anna Blue Lithographed Stamps of India 1854 - 55 85 LV
Nunez Nestor USA Straits Settlements - 1800 - 1890 84 V
Allen PD USA Victorian Outgoing Indian Mail to Great Britain, Europe and the USA from October 1854 - July 1876 93 G SP