Exhibition Results Philataipei 2016

Philataipei 2016 World Stamp Championship

Ohba Mitsuhiro Japan The Opening of China 1745-1897 G
Enkhbat Chuluundorj Mongolia Postal History of Mongolia 1863-1933 (Previous title: Evolution from relay horse mail system to independent postal service) G
Yang Tsan Horng Chinese Taipei The Postal History of Taiwan (1895-1945) V
Chen Wu-Chih Chinese Taipei History of Postal System in Taiwan under Japanese Occupation (1895-1945) LV
Tsai Wen-Lung Chinese Taipei Postal History of Imperial China 1897-1911 G SP
Lin Chih-Ming Chinese Taipei Railway Post in China (1900-1949) LV
Mah Lang-Moe Chinese Taipei China: The Development of Yunnan Postal System 1901-1949 LV
Chang Jimmy Chinese Taipei The Postal History of the Trans-Siberian Railway Mail 1902-1945 LV
Huang Kun Yu Chinese Taipei Postal History for the Inflationary Period of China V
Choy Patrick Singapore Postal History of China Gold / Silver Yuan in the Liberated Areas G SP
Michel Carla Germany Taxe-perçue – postage paid – postmarks of the People’s Republic of China LS
Browne Stephen Australia The Postal History of New South Wales 1801-1849 LG SP
Winchester Ronnie Australia The Colony of Victoria Registered Mail - Pre UPU Routes & Rates LV
Moore John Australia Treatment and Handling of Australian Registered Mail 1900-1966 V
Mosly Mamdouh Egypt Saudi Arabia Postal History 1868-1946 LV
Nabih Attia Samir Egypt The Most Captivating Egyptian Date-Stamps V
Haspel Rolf Germany Mail from Japanese POW Camps 1914-1920 LV
K S Mohan India Postal History of Cochin LV
Zon Fadli Indonesia Netherlands Indies Postal Cancellation 1789-1917 V
Wibawanto Agus Indonesia Repoeblik Indonesia: the Inflation Rates in Java 1945-1949 G SP
Novin Farahbakhsh Massoud Iran Censor Markings used in Persia 1910-1945 V
Novin Farahbakhsh Massoud Iran The Postmarks of Iran (Persia) 1875-1925 LV
Kobayashi Akira Japan A Franco-Japanese Postal History 1860-1899, from opening ports to treaty revision V
Yamazaki Yoshiyuki Japan The Japanese Couriers 1601-1873 LV
Ikeda Kenzaburo Japan Prompt Delivery in Japan as Nationwide Services LV
Tamaki Jun-ichi Japan Postal History of the Japanese Military Mail 1928-1945 LS
Shimizu Masaaki Japan Japanese Military Post from Sino-Japanese War to Russo-Japanese War V
Ando Gensei Japan The US Forces and Postal Censorship by General Headquarters in Japan LS
Kim Young Kil Korea Postal History of Great Josun & Imperial Daehan (1884-1905) LV
Al Rais Ali Kuwait Kuwait Postal History 1878-1958 V
Abdul Mughni Khaled Kuwait Kuwait Postal History - Indian Era 1902-1949 G
Ishak Adam Malek Malaysia The State of Selangor from Liberation to Independence (1945-1957) (Previous title - Malaya-Selangor: Sultan Hisamuddin's Second Reign Definitive Series 1945-1961) V
Kuo Chee Yoong Malaysia Johor, Malaya: The Development of Post Offices during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim V
Chitty Lindsay New Zealand Prisoner of War Correspondence, Japanese Occupation of the Far East WWII 1942-45 (Previous title: British Commonwealth Prisoner of War Correspondence, Japanese Occupation Asia, East + South East Asia WWII 1942-45) G
Jassim Ali Qatar Iraq in Occupation Era LV
Rajab Ali Qatar Kuwait Postal History LV
Goh Augustine Singapore Development of the Singapore Mail System 1945-1967 LV
Sohrne Bjorn Sweden Indian Persian Postal Relations Across Two Centuries / Collaborations and Rivalry G SP
Johansen Thomas UAE Postal Developments in the Gulf during the British Postal Administration LV
Al Serkal Nasser Bin Ahmad UAE Sharjah Postal History LS
Almurr Mohammed Ahmad UAE The Cancellations and Postal History of Muscat 1830-1948 G FEL
Al Serkal Ahmad Bin Eisa UAE A Postal History Study of Airmail from Iraq 1919-1945 G
Seebald Helmut Austria Austrian Postal History during the allied occupation LV
Heschl Gerald Austria Austria-Papal States 1815-1859 G
Strebulaev Alexey Belarus The Moscow Military Censors Marks (1914-1918) V
Dymshits Mikhail Belarus USSR Official Mail Postmarks and Stationery (1929-1941) S
Van Bogaert Luc Belgium Wreck Covers Damaged on Railroad Transportation LV
Barneva Lyudmila Bulgaria Bulgaria - Post Offices of Royal Palaces and Royal Mail 1886-1946 LV
Cernik Milan Czech Republic Restoration of Postal Operation in Czechoslovakia after WW2 LV
Senkel Mati Estonia Filed Post of Estonia Army 1918 - 1920 V
Hannula Petteri Finland The Letter Post of London 1573 - 1855 LV
Toivakka Erkki Finland Postal History of the Aland Islands LV
Lettre Jean Claude France Mail Forwarding During the Siege of Paris in 1870-71 LV
Geydet Gerard France Rates and Cancellations on Sage Type, Frankings to Foreign Destinations G
Klaus Schadlich Germany Postmark in the Pricipality Liechtenstein LV
Lovei Gyorgy Hungary Czechoslovakian Monetary Reform; The Postal Documents of the interim period (01.05.1953 - 18.06.1953) (Previous title: Czechoslovakian Currency Reform 1953) LV
Keller July Israel RSFSR - Revolution of Russia Stamps during the Hyperinflation Period (1917-1923) LV
Tsachor Yacov Israel France: 1871-1878 Perforated Ceres: Rates, Routes & Postmarks G SP
Joel Slutzki Israel Palestine Rates & Routes June 1927-1948 G
Ito Fumihisa Japan German Inflation 1922-1923 LV
Cimermanis Aivars Latvia Postal Service of Soviet Latvia June 1940 - June 1941 V
Katuric Tomo Montenegro Occupation Montenegro and Bocca DiCattaro 1941-1945
Katuric Tomo Montenegro Postal History of Bocca DiCattaro 1809-1875
Katuric Djordje Montenegro Bokelian Seamen Letters from and to sailing vessels 1830-1890
Heskestad Terje Norway Postal History from the Southern Coast of Norway until GPU G
Slettebo Hallvard Norway Interrupted Mail of Scandinavia G
Okninski Roman Poland Post Activities in Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria to 1867 LV
Chabros Slawomir Poland Polish Legions 1914-1917 (Previous title: Correspondence of Polish Legions 1914-1917) LV
Gheorghe Vasiliu Romania Romanian WWI Military Correspondence's Censorship LS
Bobrikov Andrew Russia Postal Rates of the Republic of Russia and the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) in the years 1917-1923 LV
Mramornov Aleksandr Russia Monetary and Insured Correspondence of Russia (1780-1917) LG SP
Al-Kilani Ahmed-Hani Saudi Arabia Egypt Maritime Mail V
Aleksandar Boricic Serbia Partisan Correspondence of Yugoslavia1943-1945 LV
Aleksandar Boricic Serbia First World War in Serbia LV
Zoran Stepanovic Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina 1826-1918 – The Cancellations Study G
Morencic Branko Slovenia Slovene Littoral Under Austria 1850-1918 LS
Alberto De Leon Agustin Spain The Post in the Canary Islands - Elizabeth II (1850-1865) G
Gonzalez Saucedo Miguel Spain Postal History of the "Cadiz" County LV
Ljungh Jan-Olof Sweden From NDP to UPU German Items sent to Overseas Destinations 1.1.1868 - 1.7.1875 LG SP
Gunnar Lithén Sweden Cancellations from Swedish Steamship Mail Post Offices from 1869 and up to 1951 G
Bodin Richard Sweden Swedish Militaries & Volunteers in War, Campaigns or in active service abroad 1582-1905 LG SP/GPIC
Balimann Giovanni Switzerland Cancelling Machines in Switzerland G
Adriano Bergamini Switzerland Postal Relations Between Ticino (Switzerland) and Foreign Countries Before the UPU LG SP
Voruz Jean Switzerland Swiss Postal Services Development 1862-1900 (Previous title: Postal Services Development in Geneva 1862-1907) LG
Scherer Eric Switzerland Reply Postcards in International Mail LV
Wightman Robert Switzerland Commemorative Issues in the International Posts 1860-1920 (Previous title: The Acceptance of Special Stamps within the UPU to 1920) G
Tokoglu Necip Turkey Empire on Three Continents - Ottoman Postal History 1840-1918 LV
Ozalp Koray Turkey From Angora to Ankara G
Filonova Galyna Ukraine UNR, RSFSR, AFSR Postal Tariffs in Territory of Ukraine 1918-1922
King Christopher United Kingdom Denmark and the First World War 1914-1920 LV
Booth Graham United Kingdom Spoon Cancellations of Great Britain G
Schlichter Andres Jorge Argentina Mail in Punta Arenas (Magallanes) Chile up to 1945 (Previous title: Mail in Punta Arenas (Magallanes) Chile 1875-1945) G SP
Di Lalla Hector Argentina Ferrocarriles de la Provincia de Buenos Aires G
Fuller Darryl Australia Airmail Postal History of the Caribbean V
Villarroel De Peredo Martha Bolivia Official Postal History of Bolivia LV
Santos Everaldo Brazil Navigation Lines Serving South America - 1764 to UPU LG SP/GPIC
Frohlich Alfredo Colombia Panama - The Path Between The Seas LG
Escalante Luis Costa Rica Too late and late fee marks and stamps of the world LS
Castro-Harrigan Alvaro Costa Rica Postal History of Costa Rica: The Emergency Issues of 1911 G SP
Rosenthal Cikrovich Salomon Mexico The Route to the UPU Mexico's Foreing Mail Issues: Their Postal History G
Llosa Guillermo Peru Seven Years of Turmoil: Peruvian Mail 1879 to 1885 G SP
Ponce Lozada Julio Cesar Peru The Official Mail Service in Peru (Previous title: Postal History of Peru's Official Service) LG SP
Marquez Henry Peru Lima 1821-1884, Republican Postal History until early UPU LG
Brody Roger USA Series 1902 - United States / The Post Office Enters the 20th Century G