Exhibition Results Israel 2018

Exhibitor Name Country Title of Exhibit Total Medal SP/FEL/GP
Marakovic, Nikola Nino Austria Postal History of Bosnia Herzegovina Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Occupation of B&H 1813-1905 93 G SP
Demetr, Julian Albania Albanian Postal History During The Italian Occupation in Albania During WWII 71 S
Dymshits, Mikhail Belarus Standartization of Addressing and Indexing of Postal Items of the Soviet Post (1917-1991) 70 S
Timofeev, Alexey Belarus Russian Postal Wagons of Classical Period (1858-1890) 85 LV
Selis, Luc Belgium Ocean Letters 88 LV
Van Temdeloo, Erwin Belgium Belgium Issue 1865: Postal Use to Foreign Destinations 91 G
Rainer Fuchs Baghdad-Haifa Overland Mail 1923-1948 85 LV
Theophilou,Stelios Cyprus Cyprus Civil Censorship 1914-1959 87 LV
Vanićek, Vit Czech Republic Postal History of Czech Lands (From the Beginning Until 1867) 95 LG
Dutau, Guy France French Letters Purified in Metropolitan and Occupied Countries. From the Origin to End of the XIX Century. 95 LG
Mylonakis, Manolis Greece Postal History of Crete 93 G SP
Czirok, Denes Hungary The Development of The Mail in Hungary 1750-1850 91 G
Glatz, Istvan Hungary Foreign Frankings from Hungary 1900-1918 88 LV
Faibel , Hedy Israel Prephilately and Foreign Post in the Danubian Principalities 95 LG
Keller, Yuly Israel The Usage of Russia Stamps during the Inflation Period in R.S.F.S.R (1917-1923) 90 G
Berta, Ruben Italy Postal History of Italian Peace Keeping Missions 1950-2017 76 LS
Palumbo, Giorgio Italy The Siege of Paris and it's Destinations 87 LV
Rigo Franco Italy Venice, the Contagion, the Quarantine, the Disinfection, the Quarantine Hospitals… (Previous Title: Postal History of The Health Office From the XVI to The XIX Century) 95 LG
Wiersma, Hotze Netherlands Merchant's Communication in Europe 1650-1810 91 G FEL (Research)
Auleytner, Julian Poland Beginnings of the Post in Independent Poland Nov. 1918-1920 91 G
Constantin, Milu Romania Classic Postal System of Romania 1858-1872 92 G
Khairetdinov, Khaidar Russia Russian Postal Military Censorship. 1914-1918 82 V
Boricic, Aleksander Serbia Serbia Postal History 1755-1915 (Previous title: …1840-1915) 92 G
Stepanovic, Zoran Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina 1826-1918, The Cancellations Study 90 G
Divok, František Slovakia The Postal Service in the Spiš County by Year 1920 85 LV
Jurkovič, Martin Slovakia Field Post of Carpatho Ukraina 1919 - 1920 72 S
Katuric, Tomo Montenegro Postal History of Bocca Di Cattaro 1809-1875
Morenćić, Branko Slovenia From Trieste and Istria to the Alps 1943-1954 76 LS
Ljungh, Jan-Olof Sweden From NDP to UPU. German Items sent to Overseas Destination 1.1.1868-1.7.1875 96 LG SP/GPIC
Tokoglu, Necip Turkey Ottoman Postal History in the Balkans 1840-1918 93 G SP
Tunaci, Atadan Turkey Ottoman Railway Postal History
King, Chris UK From Prussia to Plebiscite: The Duchy of Slesvig 1868-1920 90 G
Frenkel, Dmitry Ukraine International airmail in Russian Empire, and RSFSR, USSR 1870-1941 95 LG
Katuric, Djorje Montenegro Bokelian Seaman Letters from and to Sailing Vessels 1830-1890
Katuric, Tomo Montenegro Occupation Montenegro and Bocca Di Cattaro 1941-1945
Collyer, David Australia Postal Charges on Airmail France-Australia 1930 - 1933 87 LV
Stafford, Glen Australia Forces Mail in Western Australia During WWII 86 LV
Chiu, Sammy Canada Development of Chinese Imperial Post Office 1897-1899, Transformation from Customs Post Office 85 LV
Ding, Jinsong China Postal History of Mongolia (1854 - 1921) 95 LG
Hong, Shu China The Cultural Revolution's History as Seen through the Post 85 LV
Zuo, Ming China Domestic Mail Rate during the Early People’s Republic of China(1949 - 1951) 87 LV
Petriuk, Stefan Germany Mongolia 1878 - 1937 85 LV
Chandak, Kishor India Early Indian Cancellations Postmarks: 1852-1900 85 LV
Jhunjhunwala, Rajesh India Postal History of British India(1854 -1876) 86 LV
Smith, John Iran The Postmarks of Iran (Persia) 1875-1925 87 LV
Schamroth, Julian Israel Postmarks, Postmark Errors and Postal Routes of Rhodesia 1924-1984 83 V
Ikeda, Kenzaburo Japan The Japanese Prompt Delivery in Early Period (Previous Title: Prompt Delivery in Japan From Pre-Adhesive Period to 1933) 91 G
Bakker, Sybrand Y. Netherlands Postal History of Internees and POWs Held in Australia During WWII 90 G
Karnasuta, Charnchai Thailand World War I Siamese Postal History 91 G SP
Sinchawla, Sanpal Thailand The Development of Postal Markings used in Burma 1825 to 1899 88 LV
Olivero, Sergio Dario Argentina Postmarks Applied on the “Rivadavia” issue 90 G
Lewis, Geoffrey Australia Cuba Maritime Postal History 97 LG SP
Villarroel de Pedro, Martha Bolivia Bolivia 1868-1878 92 G
Santos, Everaldo Brazil Navigation Lines Serving South America 95 LG
Detcheverry, Loic Canada Cancellations of the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia on Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Stamps. (Previous title: Nova Scotia cancellations on Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Mail) 87 LV
Arbalaez, Jorge Enrique Colombia Prephilatelic Letters with Content from Colombia 1531- 1859 96 LG SP
Reinoso, Juan Costa Rica Costa Rica 1883-1940's Railroad Mail 80 V
Fumu, Antonello Italy 1850/78 - Atlantic Mail Routes from and to Americas 82 V
Marquez, Henry Peru Peru: 1896-1916 (Previous title: Peru: 1896- 1927) 90 G