Cover Watch Switzerland

1849 Canton of Geneva

Strip of three are forgeries (note: each stamp has the same little flaws whereas in the original sheet of 100 each stamp is different and plateable), cancellation and handstamp GENEVE 18 JANV 49 are faked too, only the cover is genuine but not from Geneva and these stamps were valid only in the canton of Geneva. Therefore, not difficult to prove that this is a faked cover.
Date posted: 21 May 2011
Cover notified by Kurt Kimmel


1850 Zurich

The pair of the so-called “Winterthur” is genuine, however, does not belong to this cover. This cover was sent without postage stamps and rated 2 (Kreuzer = being the correct rate of 5 Rappen to Thalwil) which the recipient had to pay. The crossing out of the 2 is faked. Until October 1850 the post office in Zurich used the “rosette” to cancel the postage stamps and only in October 1850 introduced a similar but different P.P. as cancellation.

Date posted: 25 May 2011
Cover notified by Kurt Kimmel


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