Bureau Meetings

5 October 2019

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Stockholm on 30 May 2019

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10 February  2019

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Bangkok on 30 November 2018

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5 November  2018

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Prague on 17 August 2018

Biography IconPrague Bureau meeting minutes


23 August 2017

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Bandung on 7 August 2017

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04 July 2017

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Taipei on 24 October 2016

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23 October 2015

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Singapore on 17 August 2015

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22 August 2014

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Seoul on 10 August 2014

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04 January 2014

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Rio de Janeiro on 22 November 2013

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13 October 2013

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Bangkok on 08 August 2013

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27 June 2013

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Melbourne on 14 May 2013

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22 July 2012

FIP Postal History Bureau meeting in Jakarta on June 23 2012

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6 June 2011

FIP Postal History Bureau Commission meeting in Delhi on February 15 2011

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20 November 2010

FIP Postal History Bureau Commission meeting in Lisbon on October 07, 2010

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19 November 2009

FIP Postal History Bureau Commission meeting in Rome on October 22, 2009

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8 July 2008

Board Minutes for meeting of 27 June 2008

Minutes of the first meeting of the newly elected bureau members held on June 27, 2008, in Phoenicia Hotel, Bucharest, Rumania.
Meeting commenced at 4:00 pm and adjourned at 4:55 pm local time.

Invitations were distributed by the incoming Chairman of the Commission, Mr. Kurt Kimmel, RDP, to the newly appointed officials following the election in Phoenicia Hotel on June 26, 2008, around 5:30 pm local time.

Agenda prepared by the incoming Chairman included following items:

  1. Welcome to the newly elected Bureau members; collection of contact information;
  2. Allocation of responsibilities;
  3. Commission website;
  4. Commission Newsletter;
  5. Supplying the FIP Flash with information regarding activities of the Commission;
  6. Finances;
  7. Seminars for Postal History judges and exhibitors at incoming FIP exhibitions;
  8. Determination of future executive meetings.

Kurt Kimmel, RDP (Switzerland) – newly elected Chairman,
Via Rovello 14, CP 376, CH 6908 MASSAGNO, Switzerland,
( +41 91 9667474 (9-12 am 15-18 pm), Fax +41 91 9663483,
Email: kurt.kimmel@arvest.ch

JJ Danielski (Canada) – newly elected secretary,
71 Gennela Square, TORONTO, ON M1B-5M7, Canada,
( +1 416 2832047, Email: jjad@rogers.com

– Andrew M. T. Cheung, FRPSL (Hong-Kong) – re-elected bureau member,
P.O.Box 50492, SAI YING PUN, Hong-Kong
Email: amtc911@yahoo.com.hk

– Ms Dila Eaton (Paraguay) – newly elected bureau member,
Dr. Hassler 4571, ASUNCION, Paraguay
Email: dilaeaton@gmail.com

– Malcolm Groom (Australia) – bureau member appointed by the chairman
Email: mgroom1@bigpond.net.au

– Per Friis Mortensen (Denmark) – newly elected bureau member,
Danish Technological Institute, Teknologiparken, Kongsvang Allé 29,
DK-8000 ÅRHUS C, Denmark
( (office): +45 72 201117, Email: per.friis.mortensen@teknologisk.dk.

– W. Danforth Walker (USA) – bureau member appointed by the chairman,
P.O. Box 99, Lisbon, MD 21765-099, USA
((home) +1 410 4421034, Fax (home) +1 410 4895318,
( (office) +1 410 8768833, ext. 230, ( (cellular) +1 410 2743764
Email: danforthwalker@comcast.net

CONTACT INFORMATION from all attendees was collected during the meeting
and appears in the attendees section of these minutes. Bureau members are immediately to notify the secretary of any changes in their contact information.


CHAIRMAN: contacts with FIP, FIP Commissions, AIEP and AIJP; finances and co-ordination of bureau activities.
SECRETARY: general administration: invitations, preparation of agenda, keeping of minutes, list of delegates, commission newsletter, record management.
DILA EATON: relations with FIAF and delegates to FIAF, postal history seminars in the Americas.
PER FRIIS MORTENSEN: relations with FEPA and delegates to FEPA, postal history seminars in Europe.
ANDREW M.T. CHEUNG: relations with NAPE and FIAP and delegates to FIAP; postal history seminars in Asia and Australia.
MALCOLM GROOM: appointed webmaster in charge of the commission website.
DANFORTH WALKER: Relations with AAPE, streamline seminars, rules and regulations, motions and propositions.

WEBSITE: all bureau members were obliged to prepare and email to the Webmaster, no later than on July 31, 2008, short philatelic biographies and photographs (300 dpi) in electronic form.
Webmaster presented the commission website to attendees: www.fippostalhistory.com.

NEWSLETTER: it was decided that one more newsletter (the last in paper form) should be prepared by the end of 2008.
Beginning 2009, newsletter will be distributed exclusively in an electronic form to all Federations being the FIP members, their delegates to the PH Commission as well as the other interested parties who provide an email address.
Proper announcement regarding electronic form of distribution will be included in the last paper form newsletter so those interested can prepare themselves arranging for an email account.

FLASH: Our Commission has been encouraged by the FIP Board to place more materials in the Flash.
The Chairman suggested and the bureau members approved that only material regarding important matters like the new SREV and Guidelines, agenda for Commission meetings, annual reports and propositions accepted by the Bureau members should be submitted to the Flash.

FINANCES: Our Chairman will apply for the yearly maximum of CHF 1000.- in order to compensate our Secretary for his expenses for printing and postage of our last newsletter and the webmaster for his expenses.

SEMINARS: The Bureau members accepted the Chairman’s suggestion to introduce two types of seminars.

1) The “Streamline Seminars” (SS) which reflect the collective opinion of the Bureau members. The purpose of this kind of seminar is the creation of standards of exhibiting and judging. The Chairman will draft a general concept of such seminars which then will be worked out in detail by the Bureau members. The next stage will be the preparation of conspectus for each seminar subject. The conspectus will be ready for distribution when all Bureau members reach agreement in regard to its content.

The conspectus of streamline seminars will then be distributed through the delegates of FIAF, FEPA and FIAP to the Commission delegates from their area who are expected to use it in their countries. Those giving seminars should record the participants indicating how many jurors, exhibitors and other interested individuals attended.The rationale for the strealine seminars based on centrally prepared and accepted conspectus is uniformity of information. Exhibitors and jurors in Chile and China as well as in the rest of the World should have access to the same information regarding exhibiting regulations.

2) The “Individual Seminars” (IS) where ideas presented do not necessarily reflect the collective opinion of the Commission. The purpose of this kind of seminar is brainstorming and the stimulation of discussion which may contribute to evolution of Postal History Collecting and Exhibiting.

The following bureau members declared their willingness to give individual seminars:
PRAHA 2008 – Kurt Kimmel, subject: new SREV and guidelines for postal history. According to Vit Vanicek there will be no time for seminars in Praha.
WIEN 2008 – Per Friis Mortensen who is the Danish Commissioner at the show.
CHINA 2009: Kurt Kimmel, subject: new SREV and guidelines; Andrew Cheung, subject to be determined; Malcolm Groom, subject: new sub-class “Historic, Social and Special Studies”.
MALMOE Aug 21-23, 2009 (Joint Seminar Postal History and Thematic Philately): Kurt Kimmel, Per Mortensen, Patricia Walker, Wolf Hess.
ESSEN 2009: Per Mortensen and Kurt Kimmel (if invited as member of the Jury).
PHILAKOREA 2009: Andrew Cheung.
ITALIA 2009: JJ Danielski (Canadian Commissioner) and Per Mortensen.

The decision regarding exhibitions taking place in 2010 and later will be communicated after the next executive meeting.

NEXT EXECUTIVE MEETING. The date could not be determined due to the fact that most bureau members are not able to foresee their future jury/commissioner assignments.
Those who can determine their presence at any future FIP exhibitions are asked to notify regularly the Chairman and Secretary.

Secretary: JJ Danielski
Chairman: Kurt Kimmel, RDP